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Why Be Bitter?

Bitters are an essential behind any good bar, a few drops can dramatically alter a drink and give it a new dimension. It's great to see more people are starting to use them at home.  

Angostura Bitters have been the world's favourite for over 200 years. The formula was developed by an English doctor, using botanicals he found while working in Venezuela. He sold his formula as a medical tonic and it quickly became a staple for sailors, who used them to treat seasickness, fever and scurvy. His sons moved production of the bitters to Trinidad, where it is still made today. Herbal bitters are important to Caribbean life, where they are a popular home remedy.  

Angostura bitters are traditionally used in many classic cocktails like the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned and the Pisco Sour. Think of Angostura bitters as the Lee and Perrins of the cocktail world, both have a well-loved traditional formula, and most people would struggle to describe the taste.  

Regan’s Orange Bitters were the first to offer a specific fruit flavour. It was popular at the start of the 20th Century and are integral to many Dry Martini and Negroni recipes. Today there are hundreds of different flavoured bitters to bring your drinks alive.  

Traditional bitters were made with an alcohol base, making them unsuitable for non-drinkers, but more brands are now using a glycerine base, which makes them more versatile. The majority of commercial bitters available to buy here are imported from the Americas and come from a handful of big companies. We are pleased to be one of the growing numbers of UK suppliers making small batch bitters with more unusual botanical flavours. For example, our black cardamom bitters that bring any whiskey or rum cocktail alive.  

We are now producing a new flavour every month, which can be used alongside our unique cocktail recipe cards or use in your own creations. 

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