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Brighton Bitters


Brighton Bitters are a new range of small batch non alcoholic bitters proudly made in the heart of Brighton by the female-led team at The Spirit-Level.  

As cocktail creators, we found ourselves reliant on imported bitters from the Americas. The range of homegrown offerings was so slim, so we decided to start experimenting ourselves. Because we believe in the power of nature's finest ingredients, our bitters use only the best all-natural vegan components, contain no alcohol, artificial additives or preservatives—just pure, unadulterated flavour in every drop. Break free from imported goods and support local artisans.   

Whether you are a seasoned mixologist, or home bartender experimenting with flavours, our bitters are the perfect addition to your repertoire. Elevate classic cocktails or create unique concoctions with ease, thanks to our versatile range of flavours. If you are drinking alcohol, cutting back, teetotalling or simply curious, we hope you enjoy our bitters as much as we enjoy making them. 


Georgia and Myfanwy  

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